Stainless Steel Rings

Stainless Steel Rings

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About BSPL Stainless Steel Ring

At Bhavya Stainless Pvt. Ltd., we are a trusted supplier and exporter of top-tier SS Industrial Rings across India. Our extensive range of Stainless Steel Rings is available in many grades, shapes, sizes, standards, specifications, dimensions, and classes. Our SS Ring designs are crafted with utmost precision and uncompromising quality to meet your specific application requirements.

SS Rings, highly versatile components, find widespread use in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and petrochemical sectors. These rings are prized for their exceptional strength and unparalleled corrosion resistance, owing to the remarkable properties of stainless steel. Our manufacturing process involves precision forging or casting and meticulous machining to achieve the desired dimensions. Different stainless steel grades are carefully selected based on specific application needs, and the finished rings undergo stringent quality control measures to meet industry standards.

SS Ring

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Stainless Steel Rings play a pivotal role in machinery and equipment, providing robust support for heavy loads and ensuring seamless operations in diverse applications ranging from automobile engines to precision instruments. This makes them the preferred choice even in the harshest operational conditions.

Key Applications:

Equipment for Processing Food: The food industry heavily relies on our stainless steel rings due to their corrosion resistance, ensuring sanitary conditions and equipment longevity.
Domestic and Commercial Kitchen Equipment: From benches and sinks to appliances and troughs, our stainless steel rings contribute to the durability and resilience of everyday items.
Chemical Transport and Storage Containers: TThe rings' resistance to corrosive substances makes them ideal for containers used in transporting and storing chemicals.
Heat Exchangers: Our stainless steel rings are a common choice for heat exchangers due to their exceptional heat-resistant properties.
Fabrication Industries: The fabrication industry values our rings for their strength and long service life, ensuring the robustness of their final products.
Heavy Machinery Manufacturing : Extensively used in the construction of heavy machinery, our rings enhance structural integrity and equipment longevity.
Pressure Vessels : Our rings' inherent strength and corrosion resistance make them highly suitable for manufacturing pressure vessels.

Notable Features of Our SS Industrial Rings:
• Exceptional Load-Bearing Capacity
• Rugged Construction
• High tensile strength
• 100% Corrosion Resistance
• Precise Dimensional Accuracy
• Resilience to Stress Corrosion Cracking and Crevice Corrosion

At Bhavya Stainless Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to delivering quality-assured products by meticulously overseeing every production phase, from raw materials to finished goods. We prioritise customer satisfaction by leveraging advanced technology, adhering to stringent industry standards, and efficiently handling bulk orders. Our diverse product offerings cater to varying needs, earning a substantial global customer base.

For all your SS Industrial Ring needs and inquiries, including SS Industrial Ring price, rely on Bhavya Stainless Pvt. Ltd. to provide you with the highest quality and precision in the industry.

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Ring Specifications

Stainless Steel Ring Specifications

SS Rings Specifications ASTM A240 / ASME SA240
Rings Dimension Standard MSRR, AMS, BS, JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN, etc
SS Rings Weight from 100 lbs. to 3,000 lbs.
SS Rings Outside Diameter 13" to 125"
SS Rings Inside Diameter 8" to 116"
SS Rings Height Up to 24"
Wall Thickness of Stainless Steel Rings Up to 18"

Ring Types

ASTM A240 Stainless Steel Ring Types

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Steel Ring Size Chart

Stainless Steel Ring Sizes

Type Width Thickness Inner Diameter Surface Finish
SS Hot Rolled No.1 Rings 610~2000 mm 2.5~10.0 mm 610 +0/-5 mm 2D, 2B, BA, No.4, No.3,No.5, HL, SB
SS Cold Rolled Rings 610~1524 mm 0.3~3.0 mm 610 or 508 +0/-5 mm
Pre-painted Stainless Steel Rings 130-1524mm 0.4-3.0mm - 2B, 2D

Steel Ring Price

Stainless Steel Ring Price

Stainless Steel Industrial Ring Price FOB Price:US $0.85-7.2 / Piece SS Ring Price In Sri Lanka
Steel Ring Prices FOB Price:US $999-2000 / Ton SS Ring Price In Coimbatore
SS Forged Ring Price FOB Price:US $300-3300 / Ton SS Ring Price In Hyderabad
SS Bright Ring Price FOB Price:US $600-1500 / Ton Stainless Steel Ring Price In Sri Lanka
SS Ring Current Price FOB Price:US $800-2000 / Ton Stainless Steel Ring Price Malaysia
Hot Rolled Ring Steel Price FOB Price:US $100-1000 / Ton Stainless Steel Ring Prices Melbourne
SS Hot Rolled Ring Price Chart India FOB Price:US $400-700 / Ton Stainless Steel Ring Price In Saudi Arabia
SS Hot Rolled Ring Price Trend FOB Price:US $100-900 / Ton Stainless Steel Ring Prices Brisbane
Stainless Steel Forged Ring Price FOB Price:US $800-2000/ Ton Stainless Steel Ring Price In India
SS Ring Price Today FOB Price:US $100-2900 / Ton SS Ring Price In Delhi
Stainless Steel Ring Price In India FOB Price:US $200-1000 / Ton SS Ring Price Per Kg In Ahmedabad
SS Hot Rolled Ring Price FOB Price:US $100-3000 / Ton 304L Stainless Steel Ring Price In UAE
SS Cold Rolled Ring Price FOB Price:US $450-2500 / Ton Stainless Steel Ring Price UK
SS Polished Ring Price FOB Price:US $1000-3000 / Ton Stainless Steel Ring Price Philippines
SS Ring Price Chart FOB Price:US $245-1286 / Ton Stainless Steel Rings Australia Prices
SS Cold Rolled Ring Price Chart FOB Price:US $200-3000 / Metric Ton Stainless Steel Rings Canada Prices
Cold Rolled Ring Steel Prices FOB Price:US $400-4200 / Ton SS Ring Price In Chennai
Stainless Steel Rolled Ring Price FOB Price:US $500-3500 / Ton SS Ring Price In Bangladesh
Stainless Steel Polished Ring Price FOB Price:US $140-3015 / Ton SS Ring Price Per Kg In Bangalore

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Stainless Steel Ring Thickness Chart

Thickness Chart Of Stainless Steel Ring

Size 18 G. 19 G. 20 G. 22 G. 24 G. 26 G.
.4.5 .0-107 0-085 0-080 0-062 0.049 0-040
5 0-120 0-095 0-090 0-070 0-055 0-045
5.5 0-146 0-119 0-109 0-085 0-066 0-054
6 0-172 0-136 0-130 0-100 0-079 0-064
6.5 0-200 0-153 0-150 0-128 0-093 0-074
7 0-235 0-190 0-176 0-136 0-107 0-088
7.5 0.270 0.212 0.201 0-157 0-123 0-100
8 0-307 0-240 0-230 0-180 0-140 0-115
8.5 0-347 0-270 0-262 0-202 0-156 0-130
9 0-388 0-330 0-301 0-230 0-178 0-145
9.5 0-472 0-342 0-324 0-252 0-198 0-162
10 0-480 0-380 0-360 0-280 0-220 0-180
11 0-580 0-450 0-435 0-338 0-266 0-218
12 0-690 0-540 0-518 0-403 0-318 0-253
13 0-811 0-640 0-508 0-608 0-371 0-304
14 0-940 0-750 0-708 0-558 0-430 0-352
15 1-080 0-860 0-808 0-650 0-495 0-405
16 1-228 0-960 0-921 0-736 0-563 0-460
17 1-382 1-080 0-940 0-809 0-635 0-560
18 1-595 1-200 1-116 0-907 0-712 0-683
19 1-732 1-350 1-300 1-010 0-794 0-750
20 1-920 1-400 1-340 1-120 0-880 0-785

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Industrial Applications Examples

The Most Common Applications Of Stainless Steel Ring


Power Generation


Construction of bridges

Wearing plates



Anti drill plates such as security doors, shot blasting equipment and tumbling machine


Stone or iron chutes

Truck frames


Oil & Gas

Pylons and other architectural structures

Lifting and mobile equipment

Framework structures

Crane booms

Rail cars

Heavy Equipment

Machine building

Vehicles and transport equipment

Steel constructions